How to secure icloud account?

You worry when there is increasing theft of personal information on the Apple platform. How to secure icloud account? Reset password with unpredictable characters, control information is backed up and turn on two-step authentication feature enhances Apple ID account to protect against the risk of attack.

iCloud is a cloud service developed by Apple Computer to support users to backup data anytime, anywhere. Despite its many benefits, but when using iCloud means that the user granted full personal information to Apple. To avoid being attacked and stolen accounts, three steps below can help customers improve security for iCloud account.

Control information storage

How to secure icloud account

Control information will be stored on iCloud account on your iPhone.

No less a user logs Apple account but do not know the service will back up what. ICloud is allowed to check the information stored on the iPhone, iPad access Settings> iCloud. A table listing the applications automatically stored on Apple’s servers and users can disable the unwanted services.

How to secure icloud account

The backup data from your computer to iCloud.

iCloud not only backup function on the phone which is also integrated into your Mac or Windows installed on the computer. Open the iCloud application on the computer to check for similar services.

If you do not need to iCloud, users can sign out of this service by visiting Settings> iCloud, scroll down and select Delete Account on iPhone, iPad. With the computer, open the application and select Sign Out iCloud.

Reset password

Choosing a password is long enough, hard to tell with uppercase letters, lowercase and special characters.

In the “disaster nude photos”, security experts said hackers attacked by trying all possible passwords. If a user password is difficult enough to significantly restrict the disclosure of information. A password security is high on the chain length of 8 characters including lowercase letters, uppercase letters and special characters. With three secret questions, users should select the answer sharepoint unpredictable and special characters.

To reset your Apple ID password, then fill access account information to log. Choose Password and Security, answering two secret questions and click Continue. Here select Change Password, confirm the old password and the new password to complete.

Set up 2-step verification

How to secure icloud account

Apple ID enabling the two-step authentication mechanism.

In mid 2014, Apple began implementing two-step authentication method (2 layer security) in a number of countries. When this mechanism is enabled, users will have to confirm that Apple sent password to the registered phone number before each visit strange iCloud on your device. 2 times authentication through passwords and codes sent to your phone is the security expert assessment of safety, this method is also used for e-banking transactions.

To enable 2-step authentication mechanisms, login and navigate to the Apple ID and Security Password and select Get Started … Two-Step Verification section.