How to remote access PC from android or iphone

How would be it,if we access our PC remotely from anywhere and anytime using android,iPhone or ipad. If you are forgotten to shutdown your PC you can easily shutdown it using your Smartphone or Tablet. You can also make video and audio calls form PC to android phone or Tablet.

We will do this by using a app called TeamViewer . It is the best software to manage the remote PC now it is also Available for android,iphone or  ipad.  Teamviewer is easy and Free to use.  Here are the steps to How to remote access PC from android or iphone .

Steps :

1) Download and Install the Teamviewer in your PC and Smartphone. We have choose TeamViewer Because it is free and easy to use Which is better than the premium apps.
Download links : PC  , Android  , iphone or ipad.

2) Now after installing the Teamviewer in PC and Smartphone or Tablet.Open the Teamviewer in your PC you can see YOUR ID ” 654 245 2xx ” and PASSW0RD .

3)Now open the Teamviewer in your Smartphone or in tablet.And enter the Teamviewer ID and passw0rd.

4)Now your are connected to your PC.You can access your PC remotely view the Desktop and you can remotely transfer your files to PC.

You can easily control your keyboard and mouse from the Smartphone or Tablet.Using TeamViewer you can make video or audio call.You can also access your PC files and download them.You can also shutdown your PC and manage your PC files from your smartphone or tablet.

How to add customs passw0rd?

You can also add customs password in PC by selecting on personal passw0rd>Next>edit the new passw0rd>I don’t want to create a teamviewer account and click NEXT>click FINISH.

In this way you can remotely access your Computer from android,iphone or tab.

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