How to Hide Files and Folders in Your PC Easy

Hiding your Files and Folder in your Windows PC without Using any Software.Here we doing this by Using CMD on this method it hides the files and older and any one Can’t Get it in Search a Real Privacy.So if my example Folder “hub” and it is located in E:\ Drive.


1) First Open the CMD (Command prompt) in Your Windows.

2) Now what you have to do is Copy the Code “attrib +s -h E:\hud”  First add the code then your Folder location.

3) Paste it in Command prompt the Press Enter.

4)Thats it your file is Hide and Invisible.

5) To get the file and folder back just Change +s to -s in the code Example “attrib -s -h E:\hud” add i the Command prompt and press enter OOlllaaa! Your file will be unhidden and visible.