He’s back! Microsoft shows new Start menu


The Start menu is not dead! Or rather, he died, but was resurrected today by Microsoft. The company unveiled a new version of the Start menu that works like a hybrid between the Start Menu in Windows 7 and Windows 8 start screen. On the left side are the applications in a list format, while the right side shows Live Tiles.


You can create Live Tiles directly from the Start menu in a practical way. During the demonstration, Microsoft dragged the icon of the Finance application, which has modern interface, to the right side of the menu, creating a dynamic block with financial information.Clicking right on one of the Live Tiles, gives access to the same options found on the home screen, how to resize the block and disable dynamic information.

If you are a careful person, you realize that the image above there is an email application with modern interface running on the classic desktop. There is an assembly: Microsoft will allow users to run applications adapted to interface with Windows 8 in a window on the desktop, which can be easily minimized and closed with the mouse button.

With the announcement, Microsoft is taking another step to improve the user experience of Windows 8 with keyboard and mouse. The awards are happening since Windows 8.1, when the company placed a Start button in the lower left corner of the screen to make the operating system more intuitive, better integrated the home screen with the desktop and improved some of the native apps.

An upgrade from Windows 8.1 to be released next week will allow users to access the taskbar even when in a modern application in full screen. The home screen has gained refinements, as the new button to turn off the computer. Previously, the most common way was to access the sidebar, click the Settings button and then the on / off, which made some people lost in the beginning.

According to Microsoft, the new Start menu will be released as an update for all users of Windows 8.1. The company has not released when the novelty will be available.