‘Hearthstone’ card game from Blizzard, is officially launched

After months in beta testing, Blizzard officially launched on Tuesday (11) the free game cards “Hearthstone” for PC and Mac game The iPad version and will still be released in 2014.Versions for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices are under development.

An update marked the release of the game, bringing new cards, better balancing of matches, new golden heroes and other elements seen in the tests that have been improved or corrected.

In jest, Mike Morhaime, president of Blizzard , said: “We have seen some predictions that ‘Hearthstone’ could destroy the world. “We are happy to know that the game was released and the planet follows intact. However, we apologize in advance for an imminent drop in overall productivity. “

The free game  can be downloaded on the official website ( go here ) and you must have an account in order to play Battle.net network. First Free game from Blizzard, “Hearthstone” is a strategy title inspired by the game letters “Magic: The Gathering” that uses characters and settings from the universe of “Warcraft”. Players must collect and assemble decks of cards with heroes, spells and abilities and use them to defeat your opponents in matches online.