Hangout Vs Skype, which is the best service for online Meetings?

On Monday (28), Microsoft released video calls in groups for all users . Until then so that the service had a cost of $9.00 per month. The charge could not be considered the greatest impediment to the use, if taken into account the benefit provided to those who need to make calls by voice and video with a group of up to 10 concurrent users. However, Hangouts offers similar features without any charge.

anyway But which one is the best?

In this article a comparison between the services will be presented, so that the reader can evaluate which one can best meet their needs.

Platform – The service group video calls are available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and / or Xboxes One operating systems is also available for mobile devices running Android and iOS. It is noteworthy that for each platform you must install the corresponding application.

Hangouts hangouts

The prerequisite to access the Google service is to have an account on Google+, all contacts in your address book are now available for messaging. On the Home screen displays a list of suggested contacts, and click “New Hangout” the user has access to the full list of contacts and social networking circles. Adopting Hangouts to facilitate communication with other contacts is perceived once the program is executed.

You can choose to exchange messages via text, voice or video. integration with Google Drive is a very useful feature for viewing and sharing documents to meeting participants. Among the main features is Hangouts that allows live broadcasts via the Hangout On Air on Google+ page, or YouTube channel. You can also save the conference and automatically publish it.

What may become a negative point of adopting Hangouts is the need to have an active Gmail account because, with the various options of free email services, or all users have an account or have an interest in creating a service on Google.



is the most popular program of the video conference internet. After being acquired by Microsoft in 2011, became the substitute for the Windows Live Messenger.

The program was known for allowing free calls between users, or calls to phones via a differentiated pricing. The resource group video is not new, but because its recovery was losing competitiveness relative to key competitors.

Access to the service is more versatile because it allows its users to communicate not only with native Skype contacts and users own, but also with external contacts from Google and Facebook, simply link the account of such services with Outlook  with, this versatility facilitates the creation of an online meeting as universalizing access to its participants. On the issue of resources, Skype offers screen sharing, incoming calls automatically, integration with Facebook. Already there are additional programs developed by others to enable the reader to “supercharge” your Skype, like translation, recording conversations and additional emoticons.

What the reader needs to consider before opting for one or the other service is ease of use and the amount of friends who use it, since in practice both services meet the basic need for video conferencing.