Hacking Android phones is getting Easier

Hacking Android phones is getting Easier


What Happens When your Android phone Shoot a Capture Picture of you with out your permission?

Sounds Wired Right!

Now According to a Survey 81% of the smartphones in the world are Android.

Thousands of android phone have installed Malwares and Viruses.Although the Android Versions are being Updating Still Some vulnerable Remains.The Android 2.3 Version,Which is Used by 17.8 % of Android users is Lack of Securities.

Hackers Can easily install a spyware into your phone and assess many phone features,On and Off your Camera,Listing you from mic,spying on your Emails,SMS etc.

In Android Hacing now a days Using a RAT(Remote Administration Tool) to hack phone is getting easier. AndroRAT is a Malware Spying software created by suspcious Company and they are sell it.But,Crakers Maked the license free Version.Even a 13 Kid can use it.



AndroRat is a software were it infects malware code lines into the android app.And a AndroRAT APK      Blinder.Blinds it to the app and hence the malware is infected.This files are infected to Android phones through the internet.



What it can do?

-Get contacts

– Get all messages

– Location by the GPS/Network

– I can Get call logs

– Monitoring received messages

– Take a picture from the camera.

– Monitoring phones state in live(call received, sent, missed,SMS,MMS)

– Open an URL in the browser

– Streaming video.

– Do a toast

– Send a text message,Email

– Stream sound from the microphone

– It can Give call

– It can vibrate the phone


Not Only AndroRat,There are many Spyware avalibale .

Note: This is for learning purpose for you on what a spyware can do and how they works,So be Secured.

So Please Install Secure Antivirus Applications.


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