Hackers invade the CEO of Mt Gox site and accuse him of stealing bitcoins

Hackers broke into Sunday (10) the personal blog of chief executive of the bureau of bitcoins Mt Gox to post on the site a number of records that indicate that the company has a balance of about 950,000 bitcoins.

On February 28, the Mt Gox has filed a bankruptcy petition arguing that Japan had lost 850,000 bitcoins, an approximate shortfall of $ 480 million, about 7% of the total virtual currency in circulation.

On occasion, Karpeles invasions blamed the loss to the site, which would have been caused by a weakness of the bitcoin system. Of 850 000 coins, 750 000 were from customers who had not withdrawn after their bitcoins transactions within the platform and 100,000 belonged to their own Mt Gox.

Attackers published on the blog of a swing trades made in the currency exchange. A picture shows a bunch of published data with the amount of bitcoins personal to each user.

“Many people, including us, have lost their money and coins (…) We [hackers] do not steal any bitcoin. There was nothing to steal, “write the hackers.

Attackers have omitted the names of the users of the site not to expose them. The blog Karpeles could no longer be accessed in the second, but a link to the data was still active.