Hacker would have caused a loss of $4 billion is arrested

Thai police arrested on Tuesday (18) Farid Essebar, a man aged 27, suspected of causing losses of $ 4 billion (£ 9 billion) in Europe in 2011 with attacks on banking systems. ‘s investigation took two years and was held in conjunction with authorities in Switzerland, reported that the Thai government about the presence of four members of the hacker group in the country. Switzerland, however, did not confirm the amount of the loss estimated at $ 4 billion.

Essebar is Moroccan and has Russian citizenship. He was arrested in 2005 accused of setting the Zotob virus attacking Windows 2000 systems. The virus is spread only four days after Microsoft correct the failure. With so many companies do not have time to apply the update and were attacked. The victims included media outlets as the agency “Associated Press,” the “New York Times” and “CNN”. Essebar, who was 18, was sentenced to two years in prison, but the sentence was reduced by half.

The hacker must be extradited within 90 days, “according to the extradition agreement,” according to the authorities in Thailand. He should answer the charges involving the invasion banking systems in Switzerland.