How to Hack Wi-Fi Password and More

Want to know the Wi-Fi password of a network and you got a Rooted Android device then you can do it.Then you gonna have some fun. We are using a app Called Dsploit before going in to tutorial lets found what it can do.

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Simple sniff

Password and Cookies

Script Injectiona

Replace images

Replace any images on webpage with same one.If any one connected he will see the Same image in all.

Replace Videos

Kill Connections

Kill the People or Friends connected to wifi network.

Customs filter

Port Scanner


Perform middle man action using MITM manipulate Traffic,Network Sniffing etc.


NOTE: This only works if your device is Rooted and BusyBox full install.

1) Download and install dSploit from this app is not avalible in Google Play.

2)Now Give SuperUser permission the app.

3) As soon as you Open it will start Scanning for Crack able wifi.Then start have Fun.

Remember it have more cool features in this app.

How to Hack Wi-Fi Password and More