How to Hack facebook account on WiFi

You want to spy a facebook account of your family or want to login in to their account without username and password.
If the Victim is connected to the same wifi as you.

For this we are using a android app called Faceniff.


– Android phone version 2.3+
– It must be rooted
– Faceniff app.
( Faceniff has 3 can also buy Unlimited using paypal)


1) Download faceniff app from here

2) Now install in your phone and open it.

3) Give Superuser permission to app Now click Start on the top.

4) If any one was logged into your youtube,facebook,twitter etc.Then it will be automatically shown in Screen.

5) Simply click on any one and Login in to there account.
Your Done!!!

How to Hack facebook account on WiFi