Googles Self-driving Cars On Streets

Google the largest Search Engine and Online Marketing is Know working on Self-driving cars.So what is google’s self-driving car ?


What you have to do to drive this car,Noting just sit back at your seat and select your Destination this car will automatically drive on Street this car specially use a Sensor Based Technology which finds the Objects around the road and Drive’s without hitting to the other vehicles.

This technology can drive like a real human is 360 Degrees round moving sensors can capture the objects the car and this helps it to move or Turn or for Parking a car.

And google has been working on Models like to stop when Red light in traffic signal to program it to follow traffic rules.This project have lots of problems but according to google they will soon fix it all.

This Google self-driving car has covered over thousands of miles.It take a just a little bit time to Perfectly run this project.

For more Details watch the video.

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