Google releases tool ‘spreadsheet Drive’ for offline editing

The Google started to release an update of editing spreadsheets Drive that will be able to be used even when the phone is not connected to the internet tool. The new version of the application was announced in December, but only on Thursday (20) Google announced its release.

The offline editor will work with tables and spreadsheets without web access, and when the computer, tablet and smartphone are connected, the work will be synchronized and can be accessed via the Drive. This function, however, only works if the drive is accessed by Chrome.

Other tools Drive, Docs (text editing) and Slides (slide shows) has allowed changes offline.

Besides editing without internet access, updating spreadsheets support of millions of cells tool while contemplating older formats. You can also share work more easily. A new feature also helps to make calculations and resolve errors in operations.

Another feature already common in other editing tools, the system of cells with complete text is now incorporated into the service.