Google releases the final version of Chrome 64-bit for Windows

Google yesterday(26) released the version 37 of Chrome , whose emphasis is on support DirectWrite, a technique that improves the appearance of rendered fonts. But this is not the only big news: the sly, the company also released the first stable version (final) 64-bit Chrome for Windows 7:08.

A previous novelty was made ​​available in June in Dev and Canary experimental channels.In late July, the 64-bit Chrome reached the beta phase , indicating that the release of the final version was next.

Since then, in fact, only final touches were applied. There was no interface changes or addition of features. Externally, the version hardly differs from traditional 32-bit Chrome.

What are the advantages of 64-bit version, then? According to Google, better performance, stability and security.


The company explains, for example, that the execution of VP9 codec used to play videos in high definition, is 15% faster on 64-bit Chrome. In addition, the page rendering this version can be nearly two times faster than Chrome in 32-bit.

In terms of safety, the difference is the support ASLR (Address Space Load Randomization) of Windows feature that assigns memory addresses to random libraries, executables and the like, making the location of these data for infiltration or attacks of malicious software.

Google said that Chrome 64bit does not support NPAPI plugins, but this is not necessarily bad news: the company has been discouraging the use of this API since 2013 because of its reduced security. The company expects to be able to eliminate even the support NPAPI Chrome 32 bit in the near future.

Despite extensive testing, Google knows that the new Chrome may have significant problems yet to be discovered, which explains discretion at launch.

Who wants to install the 64-bit version should access the Chrome download page and click the link with the “Windows 64-bit” sayings. If the option is not appearing, the direct link is this . It is worth noting that this version replaces previously existing 32-bit installations of.

According to Google, the launch will not affect the development of 32-bit Chrome.

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