Google refutes charges of obstruction of MP in case of pornography


The complaint federal prosecutors in São Paulo (MPF) that two directors of Google were preventing the investigation of cases of child pornography left the company perplexed, said Matt Sucherman, vice president for legal affairs at Google, in published message the corporate company blog on Tuesday (11).

“The allegations are outrageous-none of them helped spread the material containing child sexual abuse or disobeyed court orders. Both have worked for years with the MPF to combat child pornography in Brazil, “Sucherman wrote.

Google says it has worked for years with public authorities around the world to prevent pedophiles to share illegal images on the web. “Here in Brazil, for instance, Google has provided information to federal prosecutors in thousands of different cases, as part of an agreement signed in 2008, “writes the executive.

Examples of Google’s efforts, the executive cites clean search (prevents targeted links to child sexual abuse material appearing in results) and the detection and removal (abuse images receive a “fingerprint” that tells Google all times she has an impact on the network).

The executive also called the accusations “incomprehensible”. In late February, the prosecution asked the court to open criminal proceedings against two directors of Google. Argued that they committed the crime of disobedience.

One of the directors of Google accused by prosecutors is Fabiana Regina Siviero. According to the complaint the MPF, signed by the Republic sought Adriana Scordamaglia and Melissa Garcia Blagitz de Abreu e Silva, Fabiana was responsible for most acts of disobedience in the face of court orders.

According to the organization, since 2010, the director took to provide the requested information and gave no further explanation. Moreover, at the end of 180 days, the information should be stored were deleted, which hindered investigations.

Have another director terminated, Andrew Zanatta Castro, was included in the complaint for failure to comply on two occasions the court order to send data to a single Orkut profile. According to the MPF, one year after receiving the request, Castro had not sent any response to our request.

“We hope that these accusations are rejected so that our employees can continue to help in the fight against sexual exploitation of children online,” concludes Sucherman.