Google in Real Time Motion Infographic

Google! Need I say/write any more?

Prior to the late 90′s none of us had heard of Google, now it as though our world wide web searches are all but in their hands.

As of 2007, the company has estimated to run a million servers around the world, with about 24 petabytes of “user generated data” daily!

The company was founded by Larry Page and Segey Brin. They were both Ph.D. students at Stanford University, and decided they wanted to “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” As you do!

The company now is worth an estimated $350 billion! It also is one of the best know companies now in the world.

In 2012, Google had 65.2% of the market share for Internet searches. They have become a force to be reckoned with! One reason why Google is so strong is they have worked out and constantly changed their algorithms.

Google is much more than a search engine and you had better believe it! They not only acquired youtube in 2006, but also their own line of laptop computers, Chromebooks, and also tablet computers, the Nexus line, and also a mobile operating system, Andriod.

If you just sit for a few seconds and watch the numbers on the graphic increase, it is amazing how quickly they go up! The numbers are staggering.

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Google Searches

This is the number of times someone uses Google to search for something on the web. In just a few seconds there are thousands of searches being conducted using Google. Amazing!

As stated, in 2012, 65.2% of all web searches used Google as the search engine of choice.

Hours of Youtube Watched

We truly are a world of boob-tube watchers, especially Youtube watchers.

In just a few seconds, we have watched a few thousand hours of content on Youtube! In 45 seconds we would have watched over 100,000 hours of videos.

That is literally thousands of videos a second. And it can be videos of anything from TV shows, viral clips, to just music and no animation. It’s all on youtube.

Chromebooks Shipped

Look out Apple, Chromebooks are catching on!

Almost .6 Chromebooks are sold each second. Unsure how you sell .6 of a computer each second, but they do.

Chromebooks are a new type of computer allowing the user quick and easy access to the Internet without some of the delays and hangups of other operating systems. The foundation for Chromebooks is that they are to be used primarily for the Internet.

Active Google+ Users

Google+ is Google’s social networking system, and is growing in the number of users. In 10 seconds you can have 1000 users online, which breaks down to a 1000 a second.

Google+ is free to join, and is similar to Facebook, however there are a few key differences.

Bad Ads

Adwords is Google’s online advertising service which allows a company to advertise their service or product when someone may do a search for the service or product the company sells. Say that three times quickly!

However, you can get your web domain banned if you fail to adhere to Google’s policies.

What Google Spends on R&D

This is the amount of money Google spends on research and development, which on average is $8,000 every 30 seconds. It’s amazing all the cool gadgets and things those Google R&D people are coming up with.

What will they come up with next??


In 2013 Google was 5th in what the company spent on lobbying compared to other companies expenditures for the same.

Google Revenue

You don’t become one of the largest companies in the world without making money and In 30 seconds, $65,000 of revenue has been generated, much of this from ad revenue.

In 2012 the company did $50 billion in revenue. The company is worth $350 billion. Again, the numbers are staggering!

Gigabytes of Internet Traffic

This is the amount of data used via Google and its search engine. In 10 seconds 220,000 gigabytes of data is transferred across the Internet.

So as you can see, the numbers don’t just add up, they really add up, and up, and up! Google in “real time” shows how the Internet’s biggest company grows by the second.

So here is the Link to the Motion Infographic of Google in Real Time :