Google launches new Gmail security system against NSA

The Google announced on Thursday (20) new security measures for e-mails sent to and stored by Gmail. The company says that a new connection type (secure HTTPS) with the aim of preventing the messages can be accessed from intelligence the U.S. government systems.

Gmail uses HTTPS encryption since 2010 and constantly make improvements to protect users.The new secure connection works when the user checks or send an e-mail regardless of the computer or the network or the device used.

To create a barrier to more espionage against the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), Google says it will encrypt all messages sent or received while the centers are moved from internal company data. This, according to the company, the strategy can defeat the NSA to intercept messages on the free service emails. Google says this change “has been the top priority since 2013.”

“The changes mean that no one can access your messages while they travel by Google servers, no matter who the user is using a private network or a public Wi-Fi or by connecting to a PC, smartphone or tablet,” said Nicolas Lidzborski , chief engineer for the security of Gmail. “While using the service, we are behind using different systems for the secure messaging maner.”