Google Glass – The New Generation



What Google Glass does and how ?

1) Using Google Glass you can easily take Picture record HD video of 720p

2) It also has Google applications programmed in it such as Google maps,Navigation and Google now

3) The Google glass also has “voice commands”.By which it puts your command in an action.

-If you want to record a video tell the Google glass that : ( ”ok, glass, record a video” )

-To take a picture : ( ”ok, glass, take a picture” )

-If you want it to Search a question : ( ”ok, glass, [question] ” )

-To Search about Something  : ( “ok, glass, google [search query] “ )

-To start Google+ hangout : ( “ok, glass, hang out with [person/circle] ” )

-To translate a language : ( “ok, glass, say [text] in [language]” )

-To Give the Direction : ( ”ok, glass, give directions to [place]” )

-To Display the weather report : ( “ok, glass, how is the weather in [location]?” )

: ( “ok, glass, do I need an umbrella today?” )

-To sent a Message : ( “ok, glass, send [message] to [name]“ )

– To know flight details : ( ”ok, glass, when does flight [flight number] depart from [airport]” )


This are the voice commands of Google glass using this commands you can easily control and access it.


Google Glass has some of the features such as ‘Face recognition ‘ If you meet new people and for got them.then this is for you.It recognize them and gives you complete Details of that person.By which you can easily recognize them.

Google glass also has navigation and GPS chip fixed in it,using that you can easily find the direction of your destination and location while driving cars,Bikes.

So lets see how will be Google Glasses in

See the live Demo of Google Glasses.

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