Google cuts price of the Drive storage service

The Google announced on Thursday (13) a cut in monthly prices Drive storage service. The package of 15 GB (Gigabytes) remains free.

Before offered for $ 4.99 (equivalent to R $ 11.80), the hosting plan 100GB was reduced to $ 1.99 (R $ 4.71). The price for the storage of 1 TB (Terabyte) and dropped $ 49.99 (R $ 118.21) for $ 9.99 (R $ 23.62). The 10 TB costs $ $ 99.99 (R $ 236.45).

In May 2013, Google unified storage capacity of Gmail, and the Google+ Photo Drive. If before the change each of these services had provided a total of 20 GB, with the amendment passed the current 15 GB.

According to the announcement of Thursday Google, if a user already has some of the packages that were reduced in price, your offer will be relocated to a plan with more storage capacity, without costs.