How to get an Google Adsense account approved

I have seen in lots of forums/blog where people ask about how to get an Adsense account approved.
Lots of people buy adsense account too, but let me tell you clearly that DON’T buy adsense account, you will get banned for sure.
So, here is a small trick or you can say a tip.

So the basic things you need is –

1. A website/blog
2. Minimum 100/UV per day
3. Minimum age should be 3months
4. If your site is a blog then you need minimum of 22-25 articles
5. Your website should have a contact,About and Privacy policy page
6. The most important thing is your website should not violent Google adsense’s TOS
Now just apply for an Adsense account using your website and after that try to share your website in social networking site as much as you
can,for example you can share your website in facebook,twitter,google+,linkedin etc

This trick always works!
If you have any question feel free to ask..

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