The ‘Gangnam Style’ clip exceeds 2 billion views on YouTube

The video for “Gangnam Style” song that became a world phenomenon in 2012 and lifted the South Korean singer Psy to stardom, topped this weekend’s 2 billion views on YouTube, becoming the first video to reach the milestone in site.

The new record was achieved 17 months after the first billion hits in December 2012. “Baby” by Justin Bieber ranks second on the list of most viewed just over 1 billion copies.

“Two billion is an honorable and devastating number,” Psy said in a statement.”Encouraged by this success, will come back very soon with new super-gay content,” he added.

“Gangnam Style” became a worldwide phenomenon in July 2012, calling attention to the Korean musical genre known as “K-Pop”. Only 3% of video views on YouTube, however, came from the singer’s home country.

Besides making Psy known worldwide, his dance style (similar to a person riding) was imitated and parodied extensively.

The “Gangnam” in the title of the song refers to the richest district in Seoul, surrounded by luxury shops and frequented by celebrities. Many see the song as a critique of the lifestyle of local residents.

The next song Psy, “Gentleman”, the record for views in a single day: 38 million on April 14, 2013.