Free update brings futuristic stage for ‘Plants vs Zombies 2’


The game for iOS and Android “Plants vs Zombies 2” devices received a free update that brings a futuristic world and new levels to the game in which the player must assemble a garden with special plants and zombies enfrentear.

According to Electronic Arts , producer of the title, the new version of the game has been downloaded over 150 million times worldwide.

Called Distant Future World, the update brings 24 new levels with new challenges, eight new plants inspired by the technological future, including Laser Bean, Infi-Nut, Star-Fruit, ten new zombies, who can now use flying backpacks (jetpacks) and the squares of power. When the player places fertilizer in these special squares in stadiums each plant placed there will be more powerful. The Zen Garden, feature the first game, returns, allowing fans to cultivate the plants to take the clashes.

“Plants vs Zombies 2” is a free game and update that brings the Distant Future World is now available for iOS ( go here ) and Android ( go here ).