Former CEO of Nokia will be the new head of the division of Xbox games

The Xbox games have a new leader.Stephen Elop, former chief executive of Nokia, has defined its role in their reintegration to Microsoft and will replace Julie Larson-Green as head of unit devices and studios. The area also takes care of the tablets Surface Studios games from Microsoft and the new division of smartphones from the company, created after the purchase of Nokia for $ 7.18 billion .

The exchange of posts was announced by Larson-Green in an internal statement sent on Monday (24). The executive, who replaced Don Mattrick last year and previously had led the area of ​​Windows, will now oversee the group of applications and services, responsible for products like search engine Bing, Office package and the Skype program.

Stephen Elop came to run for president of Microsoft, a position he Satya Nadella took over in early February after more than five months of searching for a replacement for Steve Ballmer.

When Elop was still a candidate for CEO,sources said the executive was considering selling the division of the Xbox video game and end the search tool Bing if she became president of Microsoft.