How to fix 403 play store Error

Getting an Error in Google Play store while you try to download a app or Game,”Could not download due to : 403″.This methods gonna help to get out of this Error.


Method 1:

Clear Proxy By Clearing the Proxy you can fix this error to do this follow this steps

– Go to “Settings” then “wireless and network” now tap on “mobile network” and Select APN (Access point network ).

– Select edit then clear proxy option. Olla your Error is fixed!

Method 2:

Delete Search History By Removing the Google play store history.

-First Go to Google Play

– Press menu button and go to settings

– Now select clear search history.

That’s it this method Works in only 30 percent of cases.

Method 3 :

Low Internet strength If you have low internet then this error can arrive to fix that first On Flight Mode and Off Flight mode.Then Change the Proxy Access Point and try it should work.