How to find Initial Chat Friends List in Facebook

What is Initial Chat List ?

Initial Chat List Depends on many factors like Same School or Collage, Same Work , Liking, Commenting , Relationship Etc. But most of them think that Facebook Initial Chat List depends on Recent facebook profile Visits but it is completely wrong.


Tutorial : How to View Facebook Initial Chat List

1) First go to Facebook and Login.

2) Now as soon as you Login Right-Click.

3) Then select ” View Page Source“.

4) It will take you to a page with Codes. Then press Ctrl+F to find and find for ” InitialChatFriendsList “.

5) This will show the following Number like this {“list”:[“100002972115275-2″,”100002375001827-2″,”100003012336360-2″,”100005002534963-2”,……….

6) This are Facebook Id’s.

7) Now to find who profile is that Replace x’s with 100002972115275 and enter the URL that’s it you will get the friend.