How to find a Facebook User Location

Here are the few tips to find Facebook user or email sender Location.




How to find a Facebook User Location  :-

1)Once you have spotted the fake facebook user account,Send a friend request to him in fb such a way that he will definatly accept it,If the fake account holder is already friend in fb then its ok.


2)Now ask him to contact you in your Gmail in such away that he can’t able to refuse it,and send him a message to his gmail account from your gmail account.



3)Patiently wait for his message replay.As soon as the reply message comes open the the message and click on more button beside the Reply button,and select show original .


4) After gowing to the show original page search for ”Received: from“.In that line you can see a number {( )}  which is the IP address of the sender.


5) Now goto any of the IP address locator websites such as ( www.iplocation .net ) or ( ) and Copy and paste the ip address in the website.



6)The ip address locator site will give you the location details of the ip address location Details such as the ip address country,region,location,city,ISP,longitude and latitude of the ip adress,you can also locate it in the map.


Just Go to and add a url to track him like Video or picture link.and shorten it.And send the Link to Him.

As soon as he clicks on the link his Ip Address is Tracked if your Shorten link is just go to to tracks the Ip address and go to www.iplocation .net and search for it