Finally: Dropbox releases public beta of Mailbox for OS X

Good news for OS X users who are looking for a customer intuitive email: Mailbox has just been released as a beta for the operating system. The app stands out for its focus on productivity and is quite popular on iOS and Android platforms.

The Dropbox, owner of Mailbox since March 2013, had announced one version of the tool for OS X last April, but only now is that the first public beta was released.

As the mobile versions, users Mailbox for OS X will face an extremely minimalist interface and therefore helps fight distractions and makes very practical tool.

The aspect of productivity is enhanced by managing emails as tasks. The user can, for example, distribute the messages into different categories (read today, at dusk this week, among others) to answer them or read them at the appropriate time.


The version for OS X it has its similarities with mobile apps Mailbox, but the developers are taking care to create adequate experience to use keyboard and mouse.

This probably explains the delay in providing the software, but the efforts are paying off: Gesture commands already work well, for example, so that should be one of the highlights of the application.

The Mailbox also has intelligent functions. If you delete emails with frequency given sender without opening them, the application can start automatically eliminate them by understanding that these messages are unwanted.

Despite having entered public beta, access to the Mailbox for OS X is not immediate: anyone interested should visit the official website of the Mailbox and at the end of the page, click “Request a betacoin” to register your email. Further, there remains hope for betacoin (in practice, an invitation) take not get.