What Features Prevent Android from being Sucks

Android OS is Released in the Year 2008 in the competition with great OS like Apple iOS, Blackberry and Symbian. Now after 6 year android is the mos used smartphone OS Ever with billions of  Android Devices around the world. Now why android has became so popular this are the Features that prevent Android from being Sucks.




Without Playstore the Android phone is nothing. Playstore has thousands of cool collection of apps with all category and everyday more than hundreds of Android apps are released in playstore. Through android phone comes with only few features so you need more apps to boost your Android.

Widgets and livewallpers


This two cool customization’s make your device look awesome.


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Android phones come with boring customs look but this launchers make it perfectly attractive and according to your config like trans effect icons, Scroll effect etc here are the top 3 launchers for android

Alternative keyword

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This features your gonna not find in iOS alternative keyboards selection.

Custom’s ROM 

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Change the boring Stock ROM and use Customs ROM.

Finally, Not only this features with many other cool features like App intergration, Operating from PC, Flash, Automation etc android is unique and most used OS Among the smartphones.