Facebook simplifies News Feed in new update


The Facebook launched this Thursday (6) an update of the News Feed, where updates from friends and pages you follow appear. The social network opted to simplify the page, which looks like a mobile version of the site. There is more space for photos, which are larger, new fonts (Helvetica and Arial) and new stories cards – where the publications appear.

The new format resembles an RSS news reader. Some of the menus that appear when passing the mouse icon was allocated on the left sidebar of the page. Areas “All Friends”, “groups” and “Photos”, which appeared in Feed, were excluded and can be accessed on the pages of friends. The photos return to card stories to make viewing easier.

Another change is that there is a great search bar at the top of the page. Users of the social network in the U.S. will access the Graph Search through it and may ask who are “friends of friends who are unmarried”, while in other countries it will be possible to search the social network as pages, for example.

The news comes one year after announcing a change in Facebook News Feed. The test was done in 2013 with few users and the reception was so negative that the social network had to redo the Feed arriving in the format that was released on Thursday and should be available to all more than 1.2 billion users in a couple of weeks .

“People do not like change when Facebook,” said product manager for News Feed, Greg Marra.“The various icons that appear in the left area of ​​the page were confusing for most users. Seemed cool when we launched, but did not help. Again In Feed, you will not need to learn new things, and this was our goal in changing.”