Facebook is a network of emotional contagion, says U.S. study

A study released on Wednesday (12) and conducted by researchers from the universities of Yale and San Diego, USA, says that Facebook is not just a social network that connects people, but also a tool capable of infecting emotions .

The article published in the journal “PLoS One” was done in partnership with employees of Facebook. He took as reference messages of millions of social network users and linked them with weather data for cities. The results showed that on rainy days the number of Facebook posts with positive expressions falls 1.19%, and the negative messages increase by 1.16%.

“Although the effects were small, their statistical significance is what matters,” noted the authors of the study entitled “Detecting Emotional Contagion in Massive Social Networks” (detecting emotional contagion in social networks mass in translation).

The analysis went a step further and reviewed the impact that these posts had Facebook users in the network of contacts and found that “for every person directly affected, the rain changes the emotional expression of one to two more people”, even if it makes good time at the place where those other individuals live.

The study determined that positive emotions are amplified more readily than negative through Facebook, and these are especially contagious during holidays and weekends, especially on dates like Christmas, New Year, Valentines, July 4 (party Independence of the United States) and Thanksgiving.