Facebook develops satellite and drone that provide internet via laser


The Facebook is developing technology for the future, drones and satellites to provide internet connection with laser beam. Innovation is part of Internet.org project, led by social network to extend internet connection to people around the world who are still outside of the digital world.

The unmanned aerial vehicle is being created in the Laboratory of Connectivity, whose work was detailed on Thursday (27) by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, on the web-site.

Working on this project are the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Ames Research Center, both at NASA. The executive also announced that were included in the development team of engineers Ascenta, company whose founders were responsible for the Zephyr, a solar-powered aircraft which flew for longer.

In addition, Zuckerberg said the lab working on new ways to provide satellite internet and via laser. The group works to develop different solutions to provide connection to communities with different population densities.

Drones powered by solar energy that can fly places for months are the bet to provide internet to suburban areas in limited geographic regions.To regions with lower population density, satellites.

Both a system and the other put into practice the technology space optical communication (FSO, its acronym in English), which uses infrared light rays to transmit data from space.

“We continue to make these partnerships, but connect the whole world also requires inventing new technologies,” Zuckerberg said.

Internet.org The project was launched by Facebook in August 2013, next to the manufacturers Samsung and Nokia (electronics), Ericsson (telecommunications equipment), Qualcomm and Media Tek (semiconductor) and the Opera browser. The goal is to develop solutions to bring internet to the 5.4 billion people in the world without internet. Since then the group has increased.

“In our efforts to connect worldwide with Internet.org, we have been working on ways of delivering internet heaven for people,” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, on the web-site.

According to Facebook, the company’s efforts yielded fruits. Working together to connect the Philippines and Paraguay providers, helped 3 million people access the Internet, which doubled the population of Internet users in these countries.

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