Facebook closes email “@facebook.com” service

Facebook said discreetly on Monday (24) the end of their service emails, a bet launched in 2010 as a “modern messaging system”, but after four years, ended up being a failure.

The news was confirmed to technology news “Re / code” a spokesperson for the social network acknowledged that the change was made because “most people were not using your e-mail Facebook” site.

From now on, messages sent to e-mail with the final “@facebook.com” will be reappointed to mailboxes listed on the Facebook account as an option for automatic resubmission.

Mark Zuckerberg , cofounder and CEO of social network introduced the service emails the Web 2.0 Summit conference in San Francisco in November 2010, after much speculation about a project of social network to compete with Gmail, Google , Hotmail, of Microsoft , later replaced by Outlook.com, and Yahoo !.

Zuckerberg then described the email as a means of “slow” communication and insisted that [email protected] define the “next generation” messaging over the Internet.

A year earlier was born in Silicon Valley enterprise messaging WhatsApp for which Facebook has just paid $ 16 billion to strengthen before the advance of messaging applications

[email protected], the company incorporated the e-mail service to its discussion on the social network. In 2012, in view of the cold reception of the proposal, Facebook took the unilateral decision to change the primary e-mail users in your social network by [email protected] terminated, a move that generated a wave of criticism.