Facebook changes privacy rules of dead users

The Facebook will not limit who can see the pages of user who died or were transformed into memorial. Until now, these pages become tributes to deceased friends and relatives could only viewable by friends.

The change Facebook privacy settings will keep the page left by the user who died, ie, only friends can view it or everyone who has account within the social network.

“We are respecting the choices that person made during his life, allowing his community, family or friends can view the content, your web site, how could they ever see,” said Facebook in a message posted on the blog social network.

Accounts that have become memorials may also create the video “A Look Back”, which shows the user the best moments on Facebook. The company will create a process for friends or relatives of the deceased user to request the creation of video for posting on the memorial page.

Facebook says it will take extreme care to any change in the privacy of the social network, especially in cases that can expose user accounts, especially users who have died.