Explore alternatives to WhatsApp

See below for applications that serve as an alternative to WhatsApp.



Is an application developed in China and has a customer base of more than 1 billion users. In it are offered the resources of audio and video messages, emoticons and animated stickers, creating groups of friends, user location by GPS and advanced privacy options share.

Operating Systems:. Android, iOS, Symbian Windows Phone 
You can download it at this link .  




The application was acquired for $ 900 million by a Japanese company. It now has over 300 million users and is a great alternative to WhatsApp for instant messaging, group chat, calls using Wi-Fi and 3G network, sharing photos and videos.

Operating Systems :. Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia and Bada 

You can download it at this link .  




KakaoTalk Messenger

Originally from South Korea, the Kakatalk is a free application very popular in Asia and now has over 130 million users. Also offers the possibility to be installed on desktop – unlike WhatsApp, until now restricted to mobile devices. You can make voice calls with up to five contacts at once, share messages and custom audio video. The application has a virtual store, KakaoStore, where you can buy games, animated emoticons and stikers to increase conversation.

Operating Systems :. Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 
You can download it at this link .




 It has over 280 million users worldwide. Have a great visual appeal and, beyond  providing the basic features of an application messaging for smartphone, it comes  packed with animations that give a more interactive nature to messages.It also  allows voice chat simultaneously with up to 100 contacts, in addition to the audio  messages and video sharing. The company is one of the LINE that has greater  mastery of the Apps Marketplace Application born in Japan after the devastating  earthquake in Japan that affected the Fukushima plant in 2011 as a way to  facilitate communication in such events. The growth was rapid and intense LINE  among Japanese in a few months. Like KakaoTalk Messenger also offers a desktop  version in Windows operating systems and Mac OS X.

Operating Systems :. Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 
You can download it at this link .


chaton  ChatON

 It is an application created by Samsung but is not restricted to only those mobile devices manufactured by the South Korean company. It has key features for messaging, but does not allow phone calls between other devices. To use it simply install the application and create an account on the manufacturer’s own website. You can simultaneously use the Software on up to five devices, and another advantage is no need to report the phone number to share the contact, since access to the messaging service is performed with the credentials created in the service site. 

Operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry. You can download it at this link .