Experts give tips to attract followers on Twitter

Whether you’re new to Twitter or a seasoned pro, the announcement this week that the social network will take a new look was a reminder that you need to do everything possible to increase their number of followers and keep them hooked.

Success is so valued that there are people who currently earn a living teaching how to be popular on the social network.

Nick Taylor is one of those professionals. His company, PeerIndex, is a company that collects data on millions of tweets per week, to give advice to your cilientes about what works best.

He emphasizes that it is important to start with the basics. Stop to think about the image that will illustrate your profile and description that accompanies it, before you start tweeting.

“Choose something personal that says something about you. Remember that your profile pic is quite small, so a full picture of your face will be easier to visualize than a full body shot,” says Taylor.

Smart Profile
“When you write your profile, try to tell people what kind of things about which you tweets. Accordingly, they may decide to follow you based on the interests they share with you.”

The new model of Twitter allows you to place a banner in the style of Facebook, on the top of your page, so it’s worth thinking about whether you want your place a picture, but then another picture more or to inform visitors about their interests .

David Schneider, an actor who worked in Mission Impossible, and currently uses his comic talent to help companies and brands to grow their Twitter profiles asserts that “perfect your tweets will have to have at least one of these elements, information, perspective and mood “.

“If they tell with all three, have immense potential for sharing,” adds proprietor business with your company ThatLot. He adds that it is important to set the tone, because successful twitterers usually sound like they’re sending a message to a friend.

His colleague David Levin offers a number of tips on what you should and should not do:

Be brief, do not feel forced to use all 140 characters unless you have to. Research shows that seguirores prefer short tweets. Keep the flow. Create recurring practices (whether a weekly quiz, a monthly interview or a promotion on Fridays. Remember to start a tweet with @ means it can only be seen by that person and by their mutual followers. # Do not overuse hashtags. They are important if used correctly, but # useless and pointless if # # # used in excess. Manners Twitter suggest that you should also follow and retweet others, but something is not necessarily required.

A fake account of Queen Elizabeth of England @Queen_UK has more than 1 million followers without following anyone.

“I’m a leader, not a follower,” explains “the Queen”, the account @Queen_UK.

But when you follow someone, you need to have some criteria. “The act of following someone who happened to follow you can be kind of a game and that’s not the idea,” said Nick Taylor.

“You should only follow if someone is interested in what they tweet. Certain users will unfollow you if you do not follow them back after some time, but will these followers would you really want it?” He asks.

Another rule of manners, states, refers to the use of the name of another user. ‘If you’re talking about someone, especially if you have something bad to say about the person, cite them using the name of their accounts with the @ symbol. It’s rude to talk about someone behind your back. ‘

Brand of thousand
Though surpass the thousand followers can be a sign that you are doing something right, an expert suggests that you should not fixate too much on your number of followers.

Meeyoung Cha, Institute of Advanced Science of Korea, conducted a survey using software that studied the first three years of public posts to Twitter – a total of nearly 2 billion tweets.

“Our work is about how individuals, companies and celebrities exploit social media to expand their influence,” he says.

“What we found is that each follower is not to influence. Actually, this is a bad indicator. Arrived at this conclusion after seeing that those who have the largest number of followers does not have the same degree of interaction with the audience, as retweets and mentions. “

“Other qualities to make someone give a retuite in a message or you are engaged in conversation, speaking about her are needed.”

His skill with Twitter may be important, but they only help to a certain extent. In the end, is how you manage the rest of your time will determine their true social status.