Ex-Microsoft employee is accused of leaking classified data

A former employee of Microsoft is facing criminal charges after he allegedly passed trade secrets to a blogger in France, according to a U.S. court documents.

The Russian Alex Kibkalo, a former Microsoft employee in Lebanon and Russia, admitted the Microsoft researchers who supplied confidential company documents and information to the blogger showed a Seattle federal court documents.

The blogger, who was not identified, was known in the blogging community by posting Microsoft reproductions screen (screenshots) of pre-release versions of the Windows operating system.The blogger hid his identity falsely stating he was from Quebec, according to the documents.

An internal investigation revealed Microsoft’s unauthorized transmissions of trade secret information, according to court documents. An email Kibkalo was found in Hotmail account blogger, stating that he shared confidential data.

“We take very seriously the protection of our intellectual property, including cooperation with agencies that are investigating possible criminal actions by our employees or others,” said a spokesman for Microsoft in a statement sent by email to Reuters.

A lawyer representing Kibkalo could not be reached for comment immediately outside of the U.S. labor.