Error Codes in Internet And their Reasons

This are Very Comman and most frequent Errors for the Internet users here are the Error Codes and the Reasons for their arrival.This codes should know by ever internet user


– Error 200 – OK

It means the Action is Completed Successfully.

– Error 204 – No Content

The Server has received a request,But there is not Information available to send it Back.

– Error 400 – Bad request.

The Request was impossible to be satisfied.
Error 401 – unauthorized request.

It mean that the user has failed to provide a vaild Password or Username to the directory.

– Error 402 – Payment Details Required.
-Error 403 – forbidden.

It implies to when  Request does not specify a Directory name or the File name.
– Error 404 – Not found.

This is Very Comman Error it mean that the file you are Requested is Not Found.
– Error 500 -Internal error.

It implies that Server has encountered an Unexpected Condition.

– Error 501 – Not Implemented

The server does not support the Facility or Function that is Required.

– Error 502 – Bad Gateway

It mean that the Server Cannot Request Command activity due to High-load.

– Error 503 -Service unavailable.

This is Due to Overload in Server and it is Temporary Issue.

– Error 504 – Gateway Time-Out

The Sever did’t Respond but the Gateway is Waiting for it.

– Error 505 – HTTP Version not supported/ DNS Lookup 

This are the most Comman Internet Errors and their Reasons.