It’s the end of Skype for Windows Phone 7

You still own a smartphone with Windows Phone 7? If yes, will have to rely on a less important application. Microsoft announced  the Skype support page that the specific version for the platform is being discontinued. The app has been removed from Windows Phone Store, but you can still use it normally. For now.


The reason for the decision, according to Microsoft, is to use the new version of Skype is the only way to ensure the best experience for everyone, with greater reliability, quality and safety. “For everyone to benefit from the latest improvements Skype, sometimes we discontinued older versions of Skype on all platforms including mobile devices.”

Apparently, for Microsoft (and not just for her), it makes more sense to spend money developing for Windows Phone 7 The latest handsets with the old version of Windows Phone Factory were launched in mid-2012 How was profound internal changes including the kernel, the upgrade to Windows Phone 8 will not come to these smartphones.

For now, those who have already installed Skype on Windows Phone 7 can continue using the app, but Microsoft warns that “the coming weeks” will no longer be able to log in the old Skype – the solution if you insist Skype is buying another device, now with Windows Phone 8 The company also recommends that if you signed a service,  cancel it to avoid being charged .