It’s the end of Nokia smartphones with Android X

Along with the  announcement of the dismiss of 18,000 employees , the greater the company’s history, the Microsoft said it is reducing its efforts on Nokia smartphones with Android X to invest in its own operating system, Windows Phone. Stephen Elop, executive vice president of Microsoft Devices, says the decision will reflect the company’s strategy to “focus on areas where we can add value.”

The decision may have caught some by surprise because, even after finalizing the purchase of the business phones from Nokia, Microsoft revealed a successor to the Nokia X, the  Nokia X2 , another low cost smartphone able to run Android applications. Implied that, even under the hands of Microsoft, we would still have many Nokia X with Android being released (which will not happen).


In fact, the whole story was a bit alien. In Brazil, Microsoft Devices invited the press to a collective Nokia X on June 10, but postponed the date without giving further explanations. Until today, the launch event of Nokia X did not happen in Brazil, while the Nokia X2 is already being sold overseas. Still, the company says it will have another call while you have a “new date”.

With the change, future devices “Nokia X” very low cost will run Windows Phone, Microsoft’s platform leading to even lower price points. Launched just over a year, the Lumia 520 is still thriving in Brazil by offering performance and decent screen in a range of less than 400 dollars.Microsoft recently said that the Lumia 520 has reached an impressive milestone of more than 12 million activations.

According to Elop, despite reducing efforts with Nokia X, Microsoft will still continue selling devices ever launched and will provide support for everyone who bought smartphones.

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