How to enable Adsense Wire transfer for Indian publishers

Few days back Adsense started there beta testing for wire transfer in India, so every publisher can be there beta tester and enjoy wire transfer.  If you would like to receive this update on your account now, apply a “self-hold” to your payments.  You can find this feature within the “payment settings” options.  Adsense will  upgrade accounts in India with a payment self-hold to there new payments system. adsense_self_hold Be sure to switch to Self-hold before 15th of the current month so after 15th your account will be upgraded. Frankly, i love this update of Google Adsense, because i really hate to go bank with the cheque and deposit it and wait for the payment to come in my account.

Here are some “Frequently Asked Questions” provided by Adsense

1.Question: How long will it take for my wire transfer payment to arrive in my bank account?

Answer: It may require 3-5 or more business days from the date when our bank informs us that it accepted the payment before the funds to appear in your bank account.

2.Question: My bank’s instructions show that I need to provide an intermediary bank, but the form within AdSense shows this as being optional.  What should I provide?

Answer: Our bank has the ability to look up the current intermediary information that is needed to properly route most payments and recommends that you leave these fields empty.