EBay is victim of cyber attack and recommends to change your password

The U.S. e-commerce giant eBay announced on Wednesday have been the victim of a cyber attack and recommended to all users to modify passwords for access.

The company said “had no evidence” that hackers have gained access to financial or linked to credit card information.

In a statement released by American sites, eBay assured users that they were not able to detect any “unauthorized access to financial information or credit card customers.” Information about PayPal accounts have also not been affected by the attack, according to reports the company.

EBay also said it has started sending notices to all its customers. “The same password should never be used on multiple sites or accounts,” said the site. The attack had access, according to the same statement, names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth of customers.

140 million accounts
Worldwide, eBay has over 140 million registered accounts and moved in 2013 more than U.S. $ 205 billion. The company says 250 million products are being sold on the site. A new delivery system makes buying arrive in about a week, including Brazilians. Earlier this month, eBay launched a Portuguese version of the service , bringing local offers for Brazilians.

Among the novelties, accessing a product to purchase, the value appears in the local value of the seller, but the actual conversion is made just below the price according to the price of the day. The application for smartphones also won the Portuguese version. More than 3.4 million words were translated or edited by teams from eBay and there are new places to experience the two most popular categories on the site among Brazilians: fashion and electronics.

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