Drone detects security threats and triggers ‘taser’ of 80 thousand volts


In a reality in which unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to deliver books , overflying carnival parades and even transporting drugs into prisons , it is not surprising that one of them would also serve as surveillance apparatus. For this is the technology of Cupid, a drone designed by the company Chaotic Moon to detect threats and shocks shoot 80,000 volts. See a video of the robot in action here .

Still a prototype, the Cupid was demonstrated by Chaotic Moon to the foreign press on Monday South by Southwest (SXSW) in the United States. And although the test has been limited to the robot firing the “taser” against an employee of the company, the idea of ​​the creator of the apparatus, William Hurley, is that it helps the police or serve as an advocate for properties.

According to the Gizmodo site, who witnessed the test robot, Cupid could be triggered by motion sensors in a home, for example. While he seeks the unknown, its owner is notified of the occurrence smartphone.

Then, after Cupid detect and transmit the image of the subject, the owner can determine whether the threat is real or if the person concerned is familiar. In the first case, the robot alerts the attacker and asks him to get away. According to Gizmodo, the Cupid has a channel for two-way communication, which would still allow the operator himself speak with the unknown.

In case of disobedience, the drone fires a dart electric shock, or “taser”, of  80 thousand volts and activates the authorities. If the attacker try to react, the current electricity follows on until the arrival of the police.

According to the report from Gizmodo, the Cupid can also be equipped with capsules of pepper spray and have your perspective accompanied by a virtual reality goggles.