– Donate to Help Someone Needy

Hello Friends, today i will tell you about a new site DonateBin, it support poor people by providing Education and Food to people who are in need of it and can’t effort. We all spend $$ to buy new phone,tablet,buying new stuffs which we don’t need, but we don’t donate a single penny to poor so from this site we try to help as much children as we can.

Help us by donation some $$, you single penny can make a difference.

I would like to quote a text given on the website –


“We’re a group of students who are passionate and determined creative problem-solvers who want to make a difference. 
Our mission is to Educate and Feed poor people, Here is the List of People who have Donated!”


I hope everyone will try to donate some amount.

The site is currently accepting money only via PayPal, but soon we will add more functions to it!


Thank You.!