After delay, ‘Watch Dogs’ will be released on May 27

The game “Watch Dogs” has a new release date and hits stores on May 27 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.The company announced that the version of the Wii U, Nintendo’s console will arrive “later”, without giving a specific date.

The game was scheduled for release in late 2013, but Ubisoft decided to postpone it so that the development team had more time to work on the game.

Ubisoft released a new trailer for the game that tells a little more about the history of the game ( watch below ).


Initially slated for release in late 2013, “Watch Dogs” will dubbing and subtitles in Portuguese in Brazil when it is released. The reason for the delay, according to Ubisoft, ara was “not compromise the quality of the game.” “We need more time to make the game better and help details to deliver a good experience,” the company said in a statement issued in October 2013. helping the player Technology In “Watch Dogs”, the player intercepts messages, connections of mobile hacks , traffic lights and other items of an open world scenarios, in the style of “GTA V” to meet its goals, how to stop a person or eliminate an enemy.

The look of the game impresses by natural effects, like rain trickling through the jacket of the protagonist, and the contrast of lights in the streets of the game. The movement of the characters is quite natural and do not spare the fighting violence.