On the day of the release of ‘Titanfall’, Xbox Live goes down

The online network One Xbox, Xbox Live, is down in the early evening of Tuesday (11), the release day of the game “Titanfall” title online most anticipated game of the new Microsoft.The problem affects the owners of the console worldwide. Network users on Xbox 360 and PC game does not suffer from the problem.

The problem prevents players to connect on Xbox Live on Xbox One game, stopping to play matches over the Internet or access the shop to purchase new games like “Titanfall”.

According to Microsoft, the problem of the online network is not too many people playing “Titanfall” at the same time, which would overload the servers. “It’s a bad coincidence, but Xbox Live has not fallen because of ‘Titanfall'”, published Larry Hyrb, responsible for the area of ​​communication Xbox, on Twitter. “We’re working to fix the problem.”

Vince Zampella, president of the studio Respawn Entertainment, which developed online shooting game with robots, posted a message on Twitter “hoping” that the problem was not the game.

There is no estimate of when service will be restored.