Cybersecurity Watch The Google New Project Zero


Every day more than 1000 Cyber attacks takes place world wide attacks like Spamming, Online Frauds , Malware , Torgans and Cyber attacks.

Day by Day google has Increaseing its Cyber Security so  Now google announced a new project named Project Zero. This is a Great Team of Cyber Security they will watch on security thefts in Public Database, vulnerabilities in Softwares etc. So that User can nofity about patches.


Google is he biggest search engine in the world.This team will work effectively to get Web user total security from Cyber attacks . They will notify the Vendors about their Sofware bugs and where it will arrises.

Projects has similar goals include to the Mitres structure, while Yahoo and Microsoft have their own bug finder programs. This Project will help many Vendors and fix their bugs and Vulnerabilities to increase their security to maximum extent to give their best performance to user without any Cyber thefts.

  Finally we can browse without any fear of Cyber attack, Protecting from attacks like some companys are providing Softwares that will stole your information.