Cyberattack leave Syria without internet for a few hours

The internet access was completely stopped for a few hours in Syria on Thursday (20), according to several companies monitoring of network traffic because of an attack claimed by a group called CiberEuropeu Army.

Several companies that oversee the data traffic over the Internet as Renesys, Akamia and Google reported that the suspension began at 14h26 site (9:26 a.m. GMT) for hours across Syria, less in Aleppo, in the north.

The service was not interrupted in the city, which lies in the north of the country by being bound to the Turkish network.

The call CiberEuropeu Army claimed the attack on his Twitter account and explained that it was in reprisal “attacks by the Syrian Electronic Army (EES) against the West”, in reference to a group of Syrian hackers, supporters of the regime of Bashar al Assad.

The ESS has already attacked websites of vehicles in Western communication and recently sabotaged the Twitter accounts of Barcelona.

‘”We warned Syria that eliminate the internet, do not do mundane threats,” threatened the army CiberEuropeu.

The cuts are frequent internet in Syria since the beginning of the armed conflict three years ago.