Curved screen smartphone from LG arrives in Brazil

The curved screen smartphone from LG, the G-Flex, will be launched in Brazil for $ 2.7 billion, reported the South Korean manufacturer said Thursday (27). The device goes on sale from LG in the second week of March and throughout retail to the end of the month.

Trend among televisions and mobile phones, the curved screens promise a more comfortable viewing of content on the screen and a better audio capture.

After 6 inch slightly curved OLED screen, the feature that stands out most in G Flex is its casting. This is because the smartphone has a plastic coating that “regenerates” stand alone from scratches and one to 20 times greater than other devices pressure.

If you set the G Flex in a pocket with keys and accidental risk, for example, occurs in about three minutes the cover begins to regain its shape, causing the mark disappears. Of course deliberate and deeper scratches that reach boot of this material, not “heal” themselves.

OG Flex also comes with a 2.2 GHz processor with four cores (“quad core”) and a rear camera with a resolution of 13 Megapixels.