Creator of ‘Flappy Bird’ says game will return to the Apple application store


Players who were orphaned when the creator of “Flappy Bird” removed the game from app stores already have reason to stop crying. The developer of the game, Dong Nguyen, said on Wednesday (19) that the game will be available again in the AppStore.

The revelation was made by the Vietnamese on his Twitter account. For over a month, Nguyen warned not take it anymore and removed the app from the app store. “I have not sold the ‘Flappy Bird’, please do not ask,” tweeted on 8 February, after reporting on exclusion, which took place the next day.

On Wednesday, the Twitter account @painfullpacman asked: “You will put Flappy Bird new in AppStore?”. The developed replied “yes”, but “not soon”.

Other Twitterers then began to bomb the Vietnamese to questions about when it will happen, but did not succeed. “You’ve put ‘Flappy Bird’ in the store again?” Asked @ samuelabiu. “Not yet,” he merely said Nguyen.

After withdrawal of the application stores Apple and Google , the game turned collector’s item among players who had the app installed on their smartphones and tablets.

A netizen came asking for $ 50K for a Nexus 4 smartphone from LG, the Free Market, which had the “Flappy Bird” installed.

Deleting the app stores surprised because the game came to surrender £ 119,000 per day with listings on the Vietnamese.

The cult of fans spawned several parodies on the internet. A Brazilian created a service for developers to build their own mounts.