How to Create Restart, Shutdown and Logout icon’s in Windows 8

Generally in Windows 8 if you want to Shutdown we have to move our mouse to top corner the go to settings > Power Button. Rather than doing all this we are just adding Restart, Shutdown and Logout icon’s in the desktop just click on the icon and the action will be completed.



– First Right-Click on the Desktop the New > Shortcut 


– Now on the Type the location field copy and paste the code shutdown.exe /s /t 0 and click Next.


– Set the Name as Shutdown and click on Finish.

– Then go to properties of it and then to Shortcut Tab now change Icon then select any icon that you like.

Now in the similar way if you want to make Shortcut’s for Restart and Logout simply change the cod.

For Logout : shutdown.exe /l

Restart : shutdown.exe /r /t 0